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Food. Weight. Health. THE STRUGGLE.

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Hi friends!

So, not a lot of people openly talk about this (or not enough) and, it’s something that probably plagues more of us than any other thing so, I wanted to hop on really quick and share. What am I talking about, you ask?


I want to start out by first saying that, just because I’m “fit” doesn’t mean I don’t struggle, or haven’t struggled—that would be a lie. I have, and I do. Plus, what does “fit” even look like, right?! What does it mean?! Well, that’s for another post. What might be different about me, however, is that I am very aware of what my struggles are (and I pray to be, more and more) and am CONSTANTLY turning those struggles over to Christ, allowing Him to cleanse my mind and give me His healthy perspective (which I need a lot of!) so that a change can happen on my inside, reflecting out.

Notice the order of that. The change happens on the inside, then is reflected out. A healthy heart is a healthy mind is a healthy body. Try to reverse that order, and it doesn’t tend to work out very well, as I’m sure, like me, most of you have found out.

This is why all of our journeys are so different and why you can’t just follow some fad diet, an IG influencer’s grocery list, or a set of rules (the “can’t haves and cans”) to give you what you’re looking for—balance, your best physical health, and most importantly, FREEDOM in the mind…

It starts in the heart: YOUR heart.

Judging from all that I’ve observed, and by the numbers I’ve talked to, quite literally, it’s in the high 90s of people who struggle (counting the ones that do, and don’t even realize it!) with food and health issues. People either think too much about their health/their body, or they think too little. Both are unhealthy.

Listen, I could go on and on about this—I get really fired up about it! But, the punch of this post is this: talk about it. While you develop your relationship with God in this area, asking Him to show you the pain points of your self-worth, and why, be open about it with those you’re constantly surrounding yourself with…

For starters, there is a 90-some percent chance they’re in the same boat as you and, you might just make them comfortable enough to talk about it, too!

Second, they’ll be happy and SUPER supportive of you, wanting to walk along side of you! If they aren’t, well, get new friends.

And lastly, for those who may be farther along in their own journey, watch out for those who may be struggling and don’t add to their grief by joining in and doing something that would help them stay struggling. Be a friend. Be a light. Be an example. That’s so important!

Anyways, these were my quick thoughts, my random thoughts; and, because this is SUCH a huge struggle and issue, I want to keep the topic alive, sharing about it more. We’re never going to be perfect, not even close; but, boy, we can sure share and help each other take positive steps in the right direction!

Praying that my journey will encourage you on yours. More to come :)


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