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The Beauty Behind Makeup

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It’s been about three week ago now that I had the privilege of modeling for a makeup company. For those of you who follow my Instagram stories, the look probably looks a little familiar; as, I’m sure you saw the “behind the scenes” videos I took…

Well, after I posted those IG videos I actually had a beautiful soul, a makeup artist, reach out to me after hearing my perspective on God’s gifting to people to be able to, quite literally, create artwork on a completely foreign face.

She shared with me the kind of judgment she gets for doing what she does and how grateful she was to hear someone see/share the other side of it—the artwork.

When it comes to the entertainment scene, and all that goes into it, it is so easy for us to judge. I mean, think about modeling… yikes, right?!

The thing is, makeup is a beautiful art (it really, really is) but, the problem comes in when the person who is wearing it looks to it as something that will make them feel whole, accepted, and/or valued.

Since there are so many people who use makeup to “cover up,” makeup tends to get a bad rap, understandably; however, when a person is able to see themselves as complete, accepted, and beautiful without makeup, then makeup to them is no longer a “cover up” but simply an added blessing; to them it is something fun, good, and creative—another beautiful gift from God.

So, friends, it’s not makeup that creates the problem, it’s finding your identity in makeup that creates the problem. If you can see your beauty without it, all makeup is, then, is an added blessing—a good thing. But, if you can’t really see your beauty unless you’re wearing it, then makeup is more of a “cover up” to you, an idol, something that you need to feel whole and accepted and keeps you from seeing the real you and how truly beautiful God has made you to be.

So, to wrap it up… no matter what area of life we are walking in, just know there are always going to be those that judge. Many have good intentions, but just don’t understand what they don’t understand. As long as we know where our own hearts are at while we do what we do, we can be confident when and while we do it.

To that sweet, Christian makeup artist that reached out… being able to design and, essentially, paint someone else’s face…THAT is a HUGE gift from God—don’t let anyone rob you of that!


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